Zucchini cakes and sweet potato fries with SOS Dill-icious Seasoning.

Cynthia, Murfressboro

"The SOS are right up my alley! Delicious, nutritious, and made with love. I love the seed mixes by themselves or topped on top of a salad. "

Meghan, Murfreesboro


" Franklin Farmers Market goodness! Chef Jenny, your products are amazing!"

Christine, Franklin

" Jenny's seasonings have totally transformed my vegan menu. Her snacks are delicious and nutritious!"
Rena, Nashville

" My friend and I were eating all of them and we couldn't get enough! Perfect savory/sweet combo. I think I need to buy bulk! Not kidding! "

Brooke, Raleigh

 " I have become ADDICTED to the SOS!!! I love them. I look forward to Chef Jenny's new recipes! "

Kelly, Murfreesboro

" I have ordered Jenny's soup several times and it is delicious! Especially the potato dill."

Bruce, Murfreesboro

"Can't stop eating these yummy snack mixes!! I love that they are a healthy treat and so tasty! Thanks, Chef Jenny for making these, perfect for clean eating! "

Sarah, Smyrna

 " Just got my samples of SOS, Sweet & Salty and Sweet & Spicy, so good, I almost couldn't put them down, I wanted to eat it all!! A definite winning choice! "

Stephanie, Tampa

" I absolutely love the SOS Dill-icious seasoning, it's amazing sprinkled on my salads." Caren, TN

"The SOS seasonings are a wonderful addition to any meal. My children love Sun Cheese on veggies. I have tried all of her products and love them all!"

Delaca, Franklin

 " Here's a photo of my wonderful salad SOS snack mix on top.

SO good! Thanks! "

Emily, Murfreesboro

" Yum, yum, I used a package of

SOS Dill-icious in my biscuits. They look great! "

Katherine, Woodbury

" Very good seasoning! Pet friendly too. Montana loves it sprinkled on her homemade ground chicken meatballs."

Gaye & Montana

" The black-eyed pea soup is my favorite soup from Jenny's dishes.  It is filling, delicious, and just the right amount for a light meal."

Lin, Murfreesboro

"The SOS Tur-miracle is my favorite. I use it everyday, because of the health benefits of Turmeric."

Barbara, Murfreesboro

" I was lucky enough to try the mixes while traveling through TN to CO. Jenny has done an amazing job of creating these tasty mixes. Whatever you may be craving she's sure to have something for you! "

Heather, Black Hawk

"I love the sweet and salty mix and find it's a great “pick me up” in the afternoon. I also love that it's locally made."

Debbie, Shelbyville

“I absolutely love Chef Jenny’s food! Her soups and snacks are super convenient, healthy and tasty. I use Tur-miracle seasoning on just about everything."

Gavin, Murfreesboro